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Over 100 years ago, my grandparents came here to settle this pristine and challenging land - an iron ore mine today bears my grandfather's family name. Upon our return to hometown in the early 1990's, and keeping with tradition, we immediately recognized the need and the challenge for a "signature" real estate brokerage: one that serves the clients' interests first, and one that is guided by a firm and diligent hand. Our endeavor has been greatly rewarding, and in only a few short years, we have grown four-fold, becoming a successful and powerful force in regional real estate. Our solid client base, coupled with our loyal customers, has predetermined our success beyond our wildest dreams. We continue to accommodate your life style by offering discreet, quality service seven days (and evenings) a week. I invite you to contact us... believe you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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The TRASK LAND Company

If you desire representation you must enter into a written contract, according to State law -
a sellers listing contract, or, a buyers representation contract.

The TRASK LAND Company
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